The Hebrew name of Jesus (Yahshua) declares
that YHWH (Yahweh) is the Only Savior, Isa. 43:11.

Yahweh (God) says that he will multiply the seed (descendants) of Abraham
as the sand upon the sea shore; Gen 22: 17, (an innumerable number).

"As for our Redeemer, YHWH (Yahweh) of
hosts is His name, the Holy One of Israel".
Isa. 47:4 -
Yahweh is our Redeemer and He is The Only Savior.

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In this Site learn the proper personal Divine Name of YHWH (Yahweh) the One Almighty Sovereign Creator Power and Life-Force Essence (aka God) of all that was, is, and will ever exist. Yahweh is the Original-Originator of the endless eternal Universe as was revealed to the ancient prophets. Yahweh is the Only Savior. Learn about Yahweh our Creator, our Redeemer, our Only Savior, and of His Essence (the Holy Spirit). Learn what the Hebrew Bible teaches about the six ages of creation; the various races and their inter-action with Adamic man. Learn about the Covenant Yahweh made with Abraham, Isaac, and with Jacob-Israel, and then with those who become part of His family through keeping His Covenant (the 10 Commandments); about dispersed "True" Israel and their responsibility among the nations; their relationship with the other races and about The Assembly of True Israel today.

YHWH gif
Our Mighty-One has named Himself YHWH. The gif displays YHWH's name forming from ancient Hebrew into modern Hebrew. Note: The Bible (ESV) taggable links uses the word LORD for the proper Hebrew name YHWH and the word God for the Hebrew word ALUEIM meaning Mighty-One(s). The Hebrew name of our Mighty-One YHWH is written as Yahweh in English and means: "He-Is, He-Exists, or Ever-Living". Yahweh is the only true Hebrew name of the Almighty-One. He is THE Sovereign Creator Power Life-Force Essence "God" of all that exists, the Redeemer and Yahweh is the Only Savior. Yahwism (aka Israelism) is the Religious Belief that developed and comes directly from the Almighty Sovereign Himself as He revealed His principles for righteous living through His inspiration to the ancient anointed Israelite Prophets. They then faithfully recorded Yahweh's revealed word to them in the Hebrew Bible for us.

It is also important to understand that the Almighty Sovereign Yahweh as a Life-Force Essence uses his celestial beings, His angel messengers, (aka members of Yahweh's heavenly host) when it appears that His communication seems to be "face to face" with mortal beings (man). When this happens the appointed celestial messengers have been given authority by their Almighty Sovereign Yahweh himself. Because of this granted authority these powerful messengers, act as ambassadors of the highest order, and may at times, be addressed using the name Yahweh. Yahshua (aka Jesus) the First Century Prophet in the Greek writings taught Yahwism using the Hebrew Bible's theology of Monotheism. Adherents to the Religious Belief of Yahwism are called
Yahwists. (aka Israelists). Like Yahshua (aka Jesus), Yahwists do not believe in a pagan Trinity God. "That they may know that you whose name is Yahweh is the Most High over all the earth," Psalms 83:18. See also: Deuteronomy 4:35,39; Isaiah 43:10-11; 44:8; 45:5-6; 45:18; 46:9-10, Jeremiah 10:10; Jeremiah 16:19-21." Hear, Israel: Yahweh is our Mighty-One. Yahweh is One."" (our Only Savior) Deuteronomy 6:4.

Our Mission Statement
To restore the original belief and the teaching of Yahwism as is found only in the Hebrew Bible (the Tan'akh). Biblical Yahwism was taught by the anointed prophet Yahshua (Jesus), and by his chosen Apostles. We reveal False Christian doctrines using the ancient Hebrew language of the Bible and Konie Greek, we apply correct culture, exegesis, proper etymology and accurate English definitions. Through Yahweh's life-Force Essence this path will bring True Israelites and the stranger(s) that join with the Assembly of True Israelites to a complete understanding of His inspired revelation revealed through the writings of the prophets, and bring believers into "fellowship" as members of the Household of Yahweh. Our Statement of Belief will not be found in, or taught by any modern Christian Organizations because we will only stand on the solid foundation found only in the writings of the Hebrew Bible and those teachings supported by the New Testament (NT) prophet Yahshua (Jesus). We do not rely upon traditions, private opinions or teachings as foundational unless they are in harmony with the Tan'akh (the Hebrew Bible), Deut. 4:2. For Biblical truth - (See: Basics to Study the Bible).
True Israel - True Israelites
True Biblical Israel or Israelites have never been Jews or Jewish and their religion is not Judaism, a religion evolved from the mystic Jewish Kabala, manmade traditions, and from opinions developed in the various Jewish Talmudim's. True Israelites worship only Yahweh, the One Almighty Sovereign Creator Life-Force Essence of all that was, is, and will ever exist, who is our Redeemer and Savior. The theology of True Israelism is called "Yahwism." This is the same belief taught by Yahshua (Jesus). Yahwism adheres to the pure historical monotheistic Hebrew teachings as was recorded in the Tan'akh (the Hebrew Bible) as also found in some of the Aramaic and Greek historical writings. We of the Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade form part of the Assembly of True Israel. We do not accept the self-appointed Pharisee Paul/Saul of the NT as a chosen Apostle and reject him whenever his opinions deviate from the clear teaching of Yahshua and Biblical Yahwism (Israelism), as taught in the Hebrew Bible. Learn about True Israel, Jews, and Yahwism in our study Documents below and other essential Biblical truths that are clearly taught in the Hebrew Bible. See: Yahwism vs Christianity
YHWH's Renewed Covenant
It is by accepting and keeping the 10 Commandments (the Covenant Yahweh made with Biblical Israel) that converts a "genetic" repentant Israelite or a stranger (non-genetic Israelite) into a "True" redeemed Israelite and a member of Yahweh's eternal everlasting household. Yahwism is the original monotheism belief held by the 12 tribes of Ancient Biblical Israel, by the prophet Yahshua (Jesus), and by all of his Disciples. Their belief was not Christianity or Judaism (Phariseeism). Disobedience to the Covenant (contract) keeps one an outcast which may result in the consequences made under the Covenant. The outcast condition remains until there is a sincere repentance before Yahweh, His acceptance and a return by the violator toward a renewed keeping the Covenant. A Coat of Arms or Ensign for each individual Ancient Israelite Tribe (Num. 2:1-2) developed following the blessings of Jacob/Israel as he prophesied over each of the 12 sons before he died. Various objects, animals, or a son's characteristics were represented as symbols on the Ensigns,(Gen. 4+. (Click here to view samples of Ensigns/Heraldry of the tribes).

Similar Symbols are still used today to locate the present descendants of the Ancient True Israelites now scattered over the entire globe and innumerable. The tribes of True Israel are still considered lost, a result of the first dispersion into ancient Assyria 721 BCE (ending the Northern Kingdom) and the second dispersion into ancient Babylonia-Persia 587 BCE (ending the Southern Kingdom). But the truth is, the whereabouts of the Ancient Israelite descendants have never been completely lost because their Coat of Arms or Ensigns have remained with the many dispersed Israelite families. The Ancient symbols are still found within the Ensigns of many of the Caucasian Adamic Nations of Western Europe, America, all founded by the many descendants of the Ancient Biblical Israelites. All of this was as promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob renamed Israel. Many dispersed Israelites dwelling in Europe were forced into believing Constantine's Roman developed Christianity beginning in 325 AD, under threat of death. Today, because of their ignorance, it is very sad, that many still remain Christian.

The Flag (Ensign) of True Israel
(Click here, free to copy), represents the 12 tribes of Dispersed True Israel. The dark blue background of the Flag represents the borderless and endless Universal domain of The Almighty Sovereign Creator Power Yahweh. The 12 Stars (3 on each red bar) are for the 12 original tribes. The red cross bars represent the 4 Brigades of the dominant tribes of Yahudah, Dan, Ephraim and Reuben, Num. 2:1-31. Each Brigade is pointing to the common blue center. The center of the Flag is in the shape of a (+) and is the ancient Hebrew sign for a mark, or a signature of agreement between Yahweh and His people. It does not represent the Christian "cross" or letter (T) "taw". True Israel is a "set-apart" people eternally marked by the Almighty Sovereign Creator of all that exists, a chosen people that have a Covenant/Contract with the Almighty Sovereign Creator of all, who's name is Yahweh, Deut. 5:32-33.

Study Documents just click on the "underlined" links:

Yahshua (Jesus) was never a Christian. His belief was Yahwism so he was a Yahwist.
Pauline Christianity does not follow the Bible. We do. Here is our Biblical Statement of Belief.
Example of a False Statement of Belief - See Our corrections and comments.
The Almighty Creator of all that exists who's name is Yahweh is defined here.
Because our history follows the Hebrew Bible, this is who we are.
As the sole administrator of this "Onlysavior" website, this is who I am.
Yahshua was not sent to die for a repentant sinner, because Yahweh is the only Savior.
Here you will find the Biblical difference between Yahwism vs Christianity.
Churches have accepted the Pharisee Paul, but ignored Yahshua. What is Pauline Christianity?
For study helps, here is the Timeline of the Christian Church.

For the new Bible truth seeker, know that Christmas is for pagans.
One of the reasons Christianity is confusing, is because not all in the Bible is inspired.
Pause, rest, then watch this Youtube video - why our Creator is incorporate.
There are many false prophets, therefore we must test all Prophets and Prophesies.
Sacrifices do nothing for Yahweh. Here Israel's payment system is explained.
Yahshua's mission on earth was to preach repentance, and the Kingdom of Yahweh.
One of the reasons Christianity is confusing, is because Human sacrifice is forbidden.
Here is what the Bible really teaches about Redemption, Deliverance and Eternal life.
Did Yahweh tell Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? NO! Find out who told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?
Israel was given the Covenant at Horeb, here is the Covenant/Contract (10 Commandments).

In the Hebrew Bible there is no such thing as a "New" Covenant.
Yahweh is revealed in the Hebrew Bible, but man makes gods. The Hebrew Bible vs New Testament.
Paul was never taught by Yahshua, that's why there were big problems with Paul.
This Youtube video demonstrates how Paul was a false (want-to-be) Apostle.
Wasn't the New Testament Yahshua's message? Who do you believe, Yahshua or Paul?
"I am" is used all over the New Testament. Was Yahshua the I-AM of the Hebrew Bible?
There are some basic differences between Yahwism, Judaism, Christianity.
The confused beliefs of Christianity found in their Creeds vs Hebrew Bible's Mighty One.
You can become a brother or sister of Yahshua, making you a son or daughter of YHWH??
There are many poor Bible translations, here are some helps to study Scripture.

The Government can regulate your Church if your Pastor is a Government Agent.
Everyone has heard the term - but this is Anti-Semitism explained
If Jews are not related to Noah's son Shem, who are the Semites?
There are several Bible "books" that are fables - The book Esther is folk-tale
Here is a lesson on important words - Race, Racism, Racist, or Racialist
We have talked about race, here is why Jews are not a Chosen People
Studies have shown that Jews are not a race, so, are Jews-Genetically European?
Youtube video why not to be friends of the Jewish State.
For an great expose on the Jewish religion - and Jewish influence today.
In the 2nd Century CE, even today, Christianity has developed False Biblical Doctrines.

The early Church believed it, but it's still false. The many "End-time Prophecy" mistakes.
Palestine must be divided into two equal States to Fix the Palestinian vs Jew Conflict.
The story made some rich, but it's false - The "Left-behind" Deception.
The Hebrew Bible contains the word of Yahweh. It's the only Bible Yahshua used.
An article explaining why the Bible is so misunderstood it's a sin.
Why is it, that there are - Hidden Contradictions of the Gospels
"Yahshua" means "Yahweh saves" here is The Yahshua to "Jesus" evolution.
Some Translations are more accurate than others, so which translation is better?
Can Yahweh (at times) become a satan? Yes - Yahweh and satan explained.
Now it's time that satan, devils, and demons are explained.

Is Yahweh God? Is God Yahweh? Yes and No. Yahweh and God explained here.
Here is another common question needing an answer - Is Jesus God? - No
Another of those Christian understanding, is The error of Divine Plurality
An "open letter" sent to correct error to:
The Creator has given us a perfect plan, here is Scriptural Government explained
The Christian "trinity" is pagan doctrine. Here is why the Holy Spirit is not a person.
"Diaspora" means "the scattering of Jews" is that true? No. Here the Diaspora is explained.
The question is a good one, the answer a surprise - why Support the Jewish State?
Was the "King of Tyre" a fallen angel. NO. The real King of Tyre explained.
Jews (for political benefits) claim to be a "race" but, the "Jewish Genome" is Lacking.

Here is our important document explaining Jews, Yahudi, and Israelites.
Also important, here is our document explaining Ishmael, Edom, and Israel
Yahweh is the Creator! Could there even be a war in Heaven, with Fallen Angels? NO!
The "word" in John 1: 1 is "logos" in Greek. Here is John 1:1-5, correctly translated.
Here are several older translations of John 1:1-4. See Historic translations of John 1:1-4.
There are several very important differences between Israelites vs Jews.
The truth between the Palestinians and the Jews would change If Americans really knew.
The word "person" is used for Government advantage, so I am not a "person" are you?
This is an estimated listing by year for the Dating of Bible Books

Information you should know:

One Biblically deceiving website on the internet is "" Why? It is our opinion: If a person wants to know what 'Christianity' teaches (according to the beliefs of those providing 'their' answers for the site), then go ahead and ask a question. But, if a person wants to know what the 'Bible' actually teaches, DO NOT GO THERE, AND DON'T ASK THEM. There can be a big difference between "Accepted Christian Doctrine" and what may actually be taught in the Bible.

The trinity belief is a good example. For the first 300 years of the "early Christian" movement, there were no known Christians that believed in a trinity God. This belief came about by Constantine's Roman Catholic Priests about 325 AD, in their attempt to unite various religious pagan cults in his Empire into one-cover-all religious belief (regardless of what was Biblically true or false). Does the Almighty Creator revealed in the Hebrew Bible really need "human sacrifice" to forgive sin?? NO. Even Yahshua (Jesus) the New Testament "son of man" said he had the power on earth to forgive sin just by saying so. Read Matthew 9:1-6. Yahshua was executed because he was considered an enemy to the authority of the clan of Jewish high priests, not because the Almighty Creator needed a human sacrifice before He could forgive sins. In fact, the Almighty hates sacrifices, and condemns them, Psalm 106:37-40, Jeremiah 7:21-24, et al.

Be aware, that answers received from "" are always going to be leaning toward their understanding of current "Christian" beliefs which is, we guess, to be expected from this website. Their answers however, often steer one away from answers which may question or counter their doctrinal beliefs. If one is really searching for Biblical truth (not just what the modern Christian Church has decided they want you to believe) then you must search elsewhere. Look for optional Biblical or scientific answers to your questions, then compare. If you pray and ask Yahweh (the Almighty) to reveal truth to you, and then search, you will find your answers. Then you can say you "gotanswers" rather than "gotquestions."

Hebrew Study Documents:
The Way of Yahweh
Genesis 1:1-5 a Correct translation.
Torah is NOT "Law"
Isaiah 9:6-7 a Correct translation
2 Chronicles 7:14 (understood)
Faith or faithfulness?
Is Jesus' coming in Prophesy? NO
Great Youtube videos by Anthony Lawson
*Topical library of Arnold Kennedy*
Link to Public Action, Inc. (excellent)

Greek Study Documents:
How to Pray (according to Jesus)
Forged origins of the New Testament
Marcion's Baptists, Catholics, & Gnostics
Jesus (Yahshua) is NOT "God" (YHWH)
Is Yahshua (Jesus) in any Prophesy?
Myth of the (God-man) and Virgin Birth
How the NT Canon developed

More Documents
(always in process of being upgraded)
Links to a few Disinformation Sites:
False Prophets Exposed

we Destroy false beliefs "one at a time"

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The Hebrew "Shalom" is usually translated as "peace" but it literally means "to be whole and complete." It is derived from a root meaning to "be whole." When you say "Shalom" to another, you are not just asking that there not be any strife in that person's life, you are asking if they have everything needed to be whole and complete.

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